Western Sydney Airport - Design of Causeways and access road for High Voltage Cable relocation

Our role:

  • Structural & civil design and inspections.



  • Incorporating the contractors proposed plans and methods, and some difficult site constraints, into each design.

  •  Meeting the stringent requirements of relevant authorities.


Infrastructure projects


Electronic toll collection systems – completed facilities at the Sydney Cross City Tunnel, Sydney Harbour Tunnel, Sydney Airport. Other planned facilities in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Our role:

  • Overall geometric design

  • Structural design and inspections of support and access structures

  • Civil design and inspections – of associated roadworks



  • Cross City Tunnel – designing for installation and ongoing operation and maintenance, within the tunnel environment.

  • Understanding how these systems operate, and designing the surrounding facilities to support that operation.


New and refurbished Bridges, including:

  • Many pedestrian/cycle/cable bridges

  • Several road bridges

  Our role:

  • Structural design

  • Design of associated temporary works



  • Working with various stakeholders

  • Design for lifting of small bridges as an almost complete structure

  • Careful analysis of old bridges in accordance with modern standards.