Residential projects


Units & townhouses - Many new developments around Sydney, and in Queensland.

Our Role:

  • Structural and stormwater design and inspections

  • Civil design of driveways, roadworks, etc


  • Design of pile retaining walls up to 9 metres high, in the Eastern suburbs

  • Close proximity to adjoining buildings


New beach house, Fraser Island, Queensland

Our Role:

  • Structural design and inspections

  • Hydraulic design of bore and rainwater system


  • Steel screw piles utilised to overcome the combination of high wind uplift and the loose sand founding conditions

  • Designing a structure that could be trucked 100km along the beach

  • Complying with World Heritage criteria


Investigations & restorations - Many blocks of units, townhouses and houses


Our Role:

  • Structural investigations and advice –concerning cracking, water ingress, movement

  • Structural design and inspection of repairs


  • Understanding the factors causing the problems.

  • Explaining technical matters in ways that can be understood by ordinary people

  • Designing repairs to be both successful, and economically feasible

1299-02-06-05 005.jpg

House extensions & renovations - Numerous projects in and around Sydney, particularly in the inner-city suburbs

Our Role:

  • Structural & civil design and inspections

  • Design of underpinning

  • Design of driveway gradients to AS2890.1

  • Dilapidation reports


  • Working with existing constraints - old structures, tight spaces, close proximity to adjoining buildings, etc.


Prestigious New houses – in and around Sydney

Our Role:

  • Structural & stormwater design and inspections


  • Stringent architectural and aesthetic constraints

  • Large spans, high ceilings, expensive finishes